Register a Bowling Team

Each team costs $220 and consists of four bowlers. This registration fee enters your team in the tournament to bowl Saturday. Details and rules for bowling can be found on the FAQs page on the PRB website. Each bowler will also receive a limited edition Punk Rock Bowling Hand screened poster which will be available for pick up on Friday May 22 between 4-7pm at the bowlers table in the Foyer located in front of The Grand Ballroom located across from Red Sushi on the Casino level of the Rush Tower. One team member for each team will be required to sign for and pick up all 4 posters. It is the responsibility of the person picking up to distribute the posters to the other members of the team. So please make sure you work it out with your team members. We have more than 500 bowlers, we cannot distribute posters to each person so help us help you and be organized. And, of course, your team has a chance to win a portion of over $7,000 in prize money if you make it to the playoffs of the bowling tournament on Sunday.

PRB is an amateur bowling tournament for fun. We do not allow pro, semi-pro or amateur tournament or hi roller league bowlers to bowl as it would be unfair to the 98% of bowlers in our tournament who cannot compete with these "elite" bowlers. If you attempt to enter a team member who is overqualified you will be subject to immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban. If in doubt whether your team member is overqualified to bowl at PRB, please email us at

There will be one squad on Saturday May 23, 2020 at EACH bowling alley. We will also have buses running from the downtown hotels to take the bowlers to the bowling alleys. Here are the details:

Sat. May 23, 2020
Sams Town Casino, and Gold Coast Casino
Squad 1: 12:00pm - 3:00pm (buses leave downtown at 11:00am for all locations) Please make sure you get on the bus for the bowling center where your team is bowling.

Sun. May 24, 2020
Sams Town Casino
Playoff Rounds: 11:30am - 4:00pm (buses leave downtown at 10:30am)

Mon. May 25, 2020
The Nerd - Neonopolis Mall on Fremont
Final Four Teams: 11:30am

NEW: This year we will end the Sunday playoffs at 4pm, and the final 4 teams will bowl on Monday at 11:30am

If you are a new team, sign up for the wait list!

Team registration is $220

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